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Ford Municipal Systems LTD.

Ford Municipal Systems Ltd. provides maintenance, cleaning and landscaping services to institutional clients, municipalities, local authorities and factories. We provide cleaning, maintenance and landscaping services in an innovative approach placing emphasis on the values that lead us - preserving the environment, protecting the public's health and ensuring safety.

TI Energy Industries LTD.

TI Energy Industries Ltd. is engaged in the design of energy systems and boilers production for various industrial sectors as well as construction and maintenance of industrial piping for steam transmission, fuel and compressed gas factories. The company develops cost-effective energy systems utilizing alternative energy sources such as solar energy, bio-gas, and energy from organic waste. It also produces boilers and pressure tanks for storing gas, thermal oils, steam boilers and more.

Ram – Sa

Ram-Sa has been the leading company for waste removal services in the business sector for the past two decades. The company provides transportation, sorting and waste recycling solutions. Today, Ram-Sa focuses exclusively on the ongoing care of transporting and sorting waste. In addition, the company diverts contaminated land to authorized landfills.


Proleasing, a subsidiary of the Bpure Group for environmental improvement, offers leasing services to companies, organizations and private clients. The services consist of three options addressing the specific needs and preferences of each client. We offer our clientele peace of mind by providing a full operational leasing program: for each monthly payment individuals or companies may choose the type of vehicle they are interested in and pay only the fuel expenses.

Unified Transport Plants

Unified Transport Plants is an active company in the field of entrepreneurial real estate and construction. The company was founded in 2006 and is engaged in construction initiatives for the rental housing market. It insists on building projects that combine quality construction and personalized service, while enjoying financial strength and the ability to meet all of its obligations. The company's headquarters consists of employees who are experts in their field, professional and extremely service oriented. Most of the projects we carry out and manage are intended for long-term leases and include providing general services in the building management sector.

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