Hangzhou Jinjiang was established in Lin’an, Jinjiang in 1983. Ten years later, in 1993, an eclectic group of companies was created specializing in various fields such as: textiles, printing and dyeing, paper production, cables, building materials, and medicine.

After 35 years of development, the company has undergone three industrial structural adjustments and is currently mainly engaged in the industries of non-ferrous metals and new chemicals. The updated business group is modern and extensive, combining activities in the fields of trade and logistics, investments and financing.

The group ended 2018 with assets worth approximately 80 billion Yuan and a yearly revenue around 100 billion Yuan. The parent group is rooted in China, but the industrial branches cover more than 30 administrative districts across the country and are invested in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and other countries aligned with the company’s global development strategy.

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