Bpure group

Innovation of Tomorrow – the motto of Bpure – represents an entrepreneurial, creative, innovative company and a leader in its field.

A well-organized company that knows how to provide a wide and diverse range of solutions in different fields, supplying advanced technologies and personal service tailored to each customer while maintaining quality and high standards.

All accompanied by uncompromised environmental protection, avoiding air pollution and intelligent use of existing natural resources.

Bpure – an International Management and Maintenance Company unites a group of subsidiaries, each one of them specializing in providing dynamic innovative solutions and services for environmental sustainability and improvement.

The company is owned by John Porter and Zion Badash, leaders of many other international companies in the health, food and transportation sectors.

The cooperation and synchronization between all of the subsidiaries in the group, and the uncompromising professionalism constantly striving for excellent service, defines us as a unique company with strong logistic forces. We provide advanced solutions while integrating innovative technologies from Israel and around the world.

Environmental Quality

We develop advanced solutions for energy storage

Innovation and Development

Design and construction of environmental facilities, anaerobic waste and energy recovery

Real Estate and Trading

Projects in the housing sector, construction of complexes for long-term rentals of housing units